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Machinery Moving and Installation

Using the latest technology, Kreitz Construction Services provides customers with quality workmanship seamlessly from the beginning to the end of a project. Here are several samples:

Assembly of 2,000 Ton Press at a Texas Plant

Press crown arrives via truck
Arrival of press crown at
Texas facility
Rigging press to place in facility
Rigging for placement in the facility
Gantry prepares to hoist press
Gantry prepares to hoist
the press
Crown hoisted into position
Press crown hoisted
into position
Final Assembly
Final assembly of press components

Installation of a Press

Moving press into position
Moving press into position
Hoisting unit into position
Hoisting unit into position
Making final adjustment
Making final adjustments
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Removal and Replacement of Transformer at an Electric Power Plant

Rigging cooling fan
Rigging of cooling
fan unit
Hoisting old transformer
Hoisting old unit
for removal
Transporting old transformer
Transporting old
Rigging old transformer from transporter
Removing old
transformer from transporter
Transporting new transformer
Transporting new
Gantry hoists transformer into position
Gantry hoists
transformer into position

Removing and Transporting Foundry Press

Lowering Press
Lowering Press
Turning press on end
Press ready to turn on side
Press loaded on RR car
Press Ready for Rail Transportation
Closeup of bracing for press
Closeup of Bracing for Press
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