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Museum and Artwork

Kreitz Construction Services provides customers skilled workmanship with careful attention to detail and preservation to successfully complete the job.

Statue Relocation - Reading Area Community College

Rigging Statue for removal
Removal of statue from
former Bank location
Placing Statue on flatbed
Preparing for
Placement of Statue
Placement of statue at Reading Area Community College

Placement of 5,800 lb. Steel Member in an Exhibit of World Trade Center Wreckage

Unloading steel member
Unloading crated steel
Moving member through display area
Moving the steel through the
other display areas
Hoisting steel member into display
Hoisting the steel
member into position
Finished display
Visitors admire the

Positioning of Refurbished Subway Car in a Museum Display

Arrival at Museum
Arrival at the Museum
Unloading Subway car
Unloading the Subway car
Moving car into Position
Moving car into position

Repositioning of Steam Engines in a Museum Display - Part of The Great Locomotive Switch

Great Locomotive Chase Print Pg 1 Jupiter placed on support cradle
The Jupiter is placed on an
I-beam cradle

Preparing to raise Jupiter
Preparing to raise the Jupiter to a different level in the exhibit
Great Locomotive Chase Print Pg 2 Blocks added to support lift
Blocks support each segment
of the lift

Jupiter hoisted to new level
The Jupiter is hoisted to its new level in the exhibit
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